journal entry 3

I have several old park benches in my yard, but for the most part I only use one for relaxation. I bring my morning coffee outside and sit in the middle of it, leaving room for my semi-ferals to hop up beside me – one on each side. We then listen to songbirds and passing trains, and say prayers aloud to whoever will accept them.

My neighbors don’t get up early. God gave me that blessing I thank Him for it. I can be reasonably assured that the knotheads won’t set foot outside until 8:00 AM. After that, they will – en masse – drag out every piece of obnoxious lawn care equipment in their possession and proceed to call attention to themselves. Damage to my nerves and ability to contemplate begins each day at 8:00 AM.

At this moment, I hear a cardinal and the horn of a freight train. One of my cats has jumped off my lap because she’s grown tired of me picking off fleas. My coffee is still warm. No neighbors are up yet. Apparently God gave them something else besides peace each morning. Whatever that is, they can have it.


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